What I Got For Christmas 2016: Beauty, Fashion, & Food


Today I’m writing about some of my favorite things that I received for Christmas this year. Some of these things were sent to me by companies that I highly respect, and others were personal gifts from friends and family. I personally love seeing what other people got for Christmas, so if you’re interested to see what I got for Christmas 2016, keep scrolling 🙂

Beauty & Cosmetics

I got a bunch of vegan makeup products this year that I’m really happy with. I just went from vegetarian to fully vegan about 8 months ago, and I still own a lot (literally a LOT) of makeup that I would unfortunately not consider to be cruelty-free. I’m now in the process of clearing out my makeup collection and replacing old things that I won’t repurchase with new vegan products. With vegan friendly brands, it seems like the packaging is brighter and more eye catching, and it’s just so fun to buy from good ethical companies in general. The products below were all purchased by my mom and boyfriend. The brands are Mario Badescu, Pacifica (huge fan of theirs – their products are so beautiful and free of the typical toxins in makeup these days) and Di Erbe, which is a brand that’s based in the town I grew up in:


Hippeas was nice enough to send me a big sampler box of their chickpea puffs! They taste a little like popcorn, they’re so good:


I got this watch from Daniel Wellington and I’ve been wearing it every day since it came. This is the classic black watch with nato strap and a rose gold face. They also gave me a discount code to share with you guys. If you shop on Daniel Wellington’s online store and use my code ‘BEAUTYANDCOLOR’ you get 15% off your entire order!

My boyfriend got me this matching vegan leather passport cover/luggage tag set from one of my favorite LA based brands called Ban.do. I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a while because they make really cute planners and notebooks and now they’re making a lot of adorable accessories too 🙂

The last of my favorite things I got for Christmas is this shirt that my dad got me! It’s from an Australian brand called In The Soulshine that makes clothes with a message: