Paris Photo Guide

Finally, here are the last pictures from my fashion month trip during September! It’s taken me a long time to get these up because I’m so indecisive about what to post since I take so many pictures, but these are the best ones out of all of them – basically a Paris photo guide. You […]

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NYFW SS18 Day 3

NYFW SS18 Day 3 + 4

For my NYFW SS18 day 3 and 4 experiences, I paced myself with shows and focused more on attending events and meeting other bloggers (click here to see what I was up to on days 1 and 2). On Friday September 8th I attended a party at an amazing venue, Inside Park at St. Bart’s, […]

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NYFW SS18 Day 1 + 2

To start off my first fashion week post of the season, I’m talking about NYFW SS18 days one and two. I decided that I wanted to pace myself this time around and attend a maximum of three shows per day, and I think I did pretty good with sticking to that. I find that three shows […]

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How To Get Invited To NYFW

This past February, I attended my first season of New York Fashion Week and saw 26 shows in total. Needless to say it was a dream come true and something I didn’t even think was really possible. Fortunately, it IS possible to get invited to NYFW as a small or mid-size blogger and in this […]

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NYFW Day 1: Roumel 6

So, for the past week I have been in New York attending my first season of NYFW. I totally underestimated how busy it would be and didn’t have time before I left LA to schedule posts, which is something that I will definitely improve on going forward! Anyway, today I wanted to post about NYFW Day […]

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