how to avoid overeating during the holidays

How To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays

Thanksgiving is here, and that means it’s officially the start of the holiday season! With the holidays comes a lot of additional stress and also sooo many opportunities to find yourself overeating and binging on high fat, high calorie foods. So because of this, today I’m sharing my best tips on how to avoid overeating […]

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how not to get sick

How To Not Get Sick + Glow Up This Winter

So it’s already November and the holiday season is coming up quick! As a result, a lot of people are looking into getting their flu shots and various other things of that nature in hopes of trying not to get sick this winter. As a vegan and someone who’s super into health and wellness, I […]

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stylish faux fur free coats fall winter

Stylish Faux Fur/Fur Free Coats for Fall + Winter

Since we’re officially in November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s time to start bringing out your warmest coats from the back of your closet – or if you live in a colder climate maybe you already have! I love to refresh my winter coat wardrobe every year by donating or selling the […]

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cozy self care ideas for fall

Cozy Self Care Ideas For Fall

Since the end of October is here and we’re now all settled into the fall season, today I’m sharing my favorite cozy self care ideas for fall! I think fall is a great time to get really healthy and take the best possible care of yourself in order to really get prepared for the upcoming […]

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tips on how to eat more plant based

Tips On How To Eat More Plant Based

Something that a lot of people are talking about these days is how to incorporate more whole plant based foods into their diet, since animal products are so bad for our health and the environment. Whether you’re thinking about going vegan, are already vegan, or just want to eat healthier and more sustainably, I think […]

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cute vegan watches for fall

10 Cute Vegan Watches For Fall

So the first day of fall was a couple days ago, and I’m so excited because my favorite season by far is finally here! Today I’m rounding up some cute vegan watches, because the last quarter of the year is here and I feel like this is always a good time to smash through to […]

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