Stylish Faux Fur/Fur Free Coats for Fall + Winter

stylish faux fur free coats fall winter

Since we’re officially in November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s time to start bringing out your warmest coats from the back of your closet – or if you live in a colder climate maybe you already have! I love to refresh my winter coat wardrobe every year by donating or selling the coats that I don’t see myself wearing for the coming season and picking up a couple of new ones. There are so many cute ones and I think the selection of faux fur coats gets better with every single year that goes by! And if you’re not into the faux fur trend, I have some cute puffers picked out as well.

So today I’m going to be listing out my some of my favorite faux fur and fur free fall and winter coats that are all super stylish and high quality coats, and of course vegan friendly!

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I have these all categorized, starting out with some of my favorite vegan fur coats that will still give you the same look, and then going further down I have some fur free coats like puffers if you’re not into the faux fur trend and want something more traditional.

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Keep scrolling for my favorite stylish fur free and faux fur fall and winter coats:

Faux Fur Coats

Revolve x Camila Coelho Cleobella Cropped Faux Fur Jacket

Unreal Fur Fur Delish Jacket

Jack by BB Dakota Shear Factor Faux Fur Coat

Free People Kate Faux Fur Coat

Topshop Charcoal Grey Coat

Topshop Ivory Faux Fur Coat

Shop Trendy Faux Fur Coats:


Puffers/Fur Free Coats

Free People Hailey Puffer

Topshop Block Padded Puffer Jacket

Nike Metallic Synthetic Down Coat

Urban Outfitters Mae Hooded Puffer Jacket

Shop Fur Free + Puffer Coats

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Thank you for checking out my favorite stylish faux fur and fur free coats for fall and winter! It is so cool to see how vegan jackets and vegan fashion in general are getting better and more advanced with every day that goes by!

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stylish faux fur free coats fall winter