San Francisco Bay: Food, Hiking, + The Golden Gate Bridge

About three weeks ago, I was in my hometown in Canada to visit family, and at the end of my trip I ended up booking a flight to San Francisco instead of just going straight back to southern California. This was pretty spontaneous for me and I never really travel anywhere completely alone, so the experience was interesting! I met up with people about two days into the trip, but spent the first day and a half after I landed in the bay by myself. I’d been meaning to get to San Francisco for a while so I decided to just make it happen.

I was there for five days but only took pictures for 3 of them, and we had an awesome dinner that I didn’t get pictures of at SF’s version of Gracias Madre (Gracias Madre is my favorite 100% vegan restaurant and they have a beautiful flagship location on Melrose just west of San Vicente in LA that I love going to for Sunday brunch). Another activity that isn’t pictured was our visit to Golden Gate Park and the SF Botanical Gardens because it was already getting dark when we were there. Darn Daylight Savings! But, if you haven’t been, Golden Gate is probably the most beautiful park I’ve ever seen. It’s huge, and the west end of it meets with the coast. Also, San Francisco is famous for being foggy and somewhat cold and rainy year round, but the weather was perfect while I was there. I had the best time on this quick trip and I’m extremely happy I did it!

Check out my photo diary below to see what I was up to while I was in SF! 🙂


Day 1: Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39 & Lombard Street


I went for lunch in Union Square and got to see the Christmas tree going up too:



Day 2: Full House Painted Ladies & Skyview Lounge


I ended up going to Skyview Lounge in the afternoon – which is at the top floor of the Marriott in downtown SF – then walking around downtown and going back there with others that same evening. Skyview is one of my favorite places in SF because of the amazing views it has of the skyline, and the window setup they have almost reminds me of a spiderweb, it’s so cool:



View from the hotel room:



Day 3: Golden Gate Bridge & Hiking the Marin Headlands


View from our hike, looking north-west: