NYFW FW18 Part 1


NYFW FW18 – I’m heading home after another fun NYFW season once again feeling extremely grateful that I even got to attend in the first place. Working in and being caught up in the glamorous fashion industry, you come across a lot of people who act very entitled and love complaining about things like how early/late in the day a show is happening, the location of the show, etc and I personally don’t think there’s any place for that during fashion week. Designers work for six months to be able to show their collections during fashion week and I think it’s just nice to show appreciation for all that they’ve done! I will say that fashion week is a crazy hectic time that has you running all around the city with barely any time to eat or take care of yourself, so this being my third fashion week, I made sure to be very selective about which shows I attended in terms of how much the style of the line matched the style that I’m personally interested in. A year ago for my first ever season of NYFW (Feb 2017) I attended 25 shows which was an amazing experience but had me wishing I had booked a trip to the Bahamas after! You can read more about that by clicking here or here.

That all being said, here’s my Part 1 recap of my first three days in New York for NYFW FW18 – everything from where I went to what I wore, to of course some of the shows that I attended! There were more than what I’m featuring here, but because I don’t want this to be too long I’m showing those that I didn’t cover as much on my Instagram stories as I did the ones I went to that are not featured in this post. If you’d want to see a full list of every show I attended in case you’re interested in looking at the collections, I can include that in the second part of this post coming this weekend!

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Day 1


Lan Yu is a Chinese designer and her collections are pretty much always the ones that I love and identify with the most personally. She always uses such beautiful fabrics and elegant neutral colors which I love.


Image credit: ImaxTree


Day 1 Outfit:



PH5 Presentation

This was held at the new Samsung 837 event space near Chelsea and it was such a fun presentation. As you can see, the models all stood on the risers as we took pictures and experienced the space, which is an amazing concept and so unique, definitely worth checking out if you ever get the chance to attend an event there.




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Day 2/3

Misha Kaura Presentation

This Indian inspired collection featured a lot of long beaded gowns, embellishments and embroidery. I loved the colors and how wearable it was overall:



Day 2 Outfit:



Day 3 Outfit:


Shots from around town:


Thanks for reading my first NYFW FW18 wrap-up, stay tuned for part 2!

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