Goals and Planning for 2019

Goal Planning for 2019

Happy new year – it’s been a while since my last post! I always feel inspired at the beginning of the year to sit down and start planning and setting goals for the months ahead as most of us do, so today I’m talking about what some of my 2019 goals are and what I’m planning for the year.


Goal #1: Start Planning Out My Week Every Sunday

I’m big on planning and writing to do lists, but the way I currently use my planner is with more of a day by day approach. Each morning I sit down and write out my to do’s for the day and anything I would ideally like to accomplish by the end of the day. This has worked well but I’ve noticed too that it can add stress, especially if I’m putting too much on my plate for the day and having to roll things over that I couldn’t finish to the next day.

With my new approach, I’m starting to use my Sunday to plan for the whole week ahead. This includes how many Instagram posts I’m planning on doing for the week as well as things like errands that need to be run, packages that need to be picked up or mailed out, work deadlines, etc. I’ll see how this works out compared to the day by day approach but for me I see it working better because it will take a little bit of stress out of my morning and I’ll already have everything that I need to do set up for each day in advance.

Goal Planning 2019


Goal #2: Be More Present

With social media and especially Instagram being so big right now, I find myself constantly on my phone either A) on Instagram looking at people’s feeds or analyzing my own feed, or B) working on creating content and taking pictures for Instagram! I spend so much time doing this that it makes me feel like I’m missing out on what’s actually going on in the moment and enjoying whoever’s company that I’m with. So a big goal of mine for this new year will be to significantly cut down on the time that I spend on my phone and live more in the moment!


Goal #3: Eat Healthier (Surprise!)

To see my typical diet for a full day, click here to check out what I eat in a day as a vegan!

I feel like this one is on all of our lists every year but this year I’m really going to commit to doing it. I get better and better at this the more I work on it so I would definitely say that I’ve made progress, but I’m still not where I would like to be on this. I do drink a lot of smoothies and juices and eat healthy for the most part, but I need to cut out a lot of the junk food that I eat (I’m a sugar junkie so vegan donuts, cake, cookies, etc always get me, I can never say no). I notice when I eat foods that I should be eating like fruits, veggies, and grains, and cut down on the high fat/high sugar foods I feel my absolute best! I already feel great pretty much all the time since I am vegan but I’m just at my optimal point when I’m eating as clean as I possibly can so I will definitely be doing more of that in the new year.

Goal #4: Get Back To My Regular Workout Routine

When it’s summer and the weather is really nice and I’m feeling super motivated, there are times when I’ll be in the habit of working out 4-5x per week. I would love to get into doing this in the winter too, but I need to stop making excuses that I don’t want to go work out because it’s cold out (I live in southern California, realistically it’s really not that cold!). I love being active and exercising – for me it’s always been fun and I think if you adjust your mindset to look at exercise in a positive light rather than something you dread doing then you’re automatically going to look forward to doing your workout. I will say it helps to find something specific you love, whether that’s a particular type or style of workout, a specific gym or boutique fitness place, etc.

Goal #5: Less Instagram, More Blogging

This one kind of goes along with my second goal of being more present. I’m going to aim to spend less time on Instagram in general but I’m also going to try to refocus on blogging again. Instagram is great and so much fun to use but at the end of the day we don’t actually own our Instagram profiles like you do with a site domain, and we really have no control over how many people see our content on Instagram. With my site I have much more control over getting my content seen so that’s where I want to focus most of my energy!

Goal Planning 2019


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What are some of your goals and what are you planning for the year 2019?