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daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

Interested in trying Daily Harvest out, but not sure whether or not it’s worth the price? Here’s my full and honest 2019 review of this vegan smoothie delivery service, and if you decide it’s for you then you can use my promo code “caitlin” to get a $25 discount off of your first order at Daily-Harvest.com!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you. In fact, you will receive a great discount from using my link! This also helps so much in keeping this site up and running and I truly appreciate your support!

What Is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a vegan food delivery service that offers everything from smoothies (which are their main attraction) to soups and savory lunch/dinner harvest bowls! Everything is packed up in a box and frozen using dry ice then shipped straight to your door. You can choose between weekly or monthly deliveries at quantities of 6, 9, 12, or 24 cups if you choose the weekly option or a box of 24 cups if you go for the monthly delivery option. The cost per cup has a small range of $6.99 – $7.99 a cup, depending on how many cups you’re ordering and whether you’re getting weekly or monthly deliveries (the monthly option is the cheapest at $6.99 per cup if you have the space in your freezer for 24 cups on the day of arrival).

Will Daily Harvest Work For You?

Daily Harvest offers high quality, delicious frozen vegan smoothies, meals, and treats for people who are busy and want a fast and convenient way to eat healthy. They dice up and freeze their fruits and veggies at the height of their nutritional prime to ensure that you are getting the freshest possible taste along with the highest amount of nutritional value, and many of their ingredients are organic.

If you live a busy lifestyle where you’re constantly on the go and not spending much time at home, or if you just want something healthy that is super easy to take with you anywhere and requires little to no prep time, then this is definitely a great option for you! The cups that all of their products come in are actually designed this way – everything comes with a sturdy plastic lid for you to easily take it to go (there’s even a hole you can punch out on the lid for the straw to go through!) and then when you’re done with it you can recycle the lid!

Daily Harvest is different from any other meal delivery service because everything they sell is pre-portioned and packaged, and all you have to do is blend, microwave or refrigerate to prepare your food. Compared to the other delivery services out there where all the ingredients are also pre-portioned, Daily Harvest is the most convenient of them all because with the other services you still have to set aside anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to actually make the food!

Another really good feature that they have is they offer the ability to pause your subscription or skip a delivery. Pausing means that you will stop receiving orders and you will not be charged, and you can pause your subscription for as long as you want! If you skip a delivery, you miss only the one that you skipped and then your service continues the week after. This is great if you want to try it out but don’t feel like you need deliveries every week! The only thing you need to remember with the pause or skip options is to make the changes in your account by the deadline, otherwise your delivery for the upcoming week will still be sent out as normal (all meal delivery services have a deadline by which you need to make changes).

If you’re ready to order from Daily Harvest, you can click here, fill up your first box, and use my coupon code “caitlin” to get $25 off your first order!

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

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Daily Harvest Review: Best Flavors and Cups

You might be a little overwhelmed looking at all of the different cups they have on their website, so I’m going to go through my top favorites here and tell you exactly why they’re my favorites and why I think you’ll like them too.

Best Smoothies

Out of the 20+ smoothies available on their site (and I have tried almost all of them) these are the ones I think are the most delicious! I have also checked the customer reviews on each one I selected and all of these flavors are highly rated and seem to be loved by a lot of other people too:

  • Banana and Greens

This smoothie is just so light, delicious, and has the perfect amount of greens – it has cucumber, kale, AND wheatgrass! I add about a third of a small banana along with almond milk to mine (the added banana thickens it up a little bit and makes it more filling).

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

  • Blueberry and Hemp

The blueberry really shines through in this one and it also has hemp protein – which contains fiber – to keep you feeling full. It’s a little hard to describe this one but I would almost say it tastes like blueberry pie!

  • Carrot and Chia

This legitimately tastes like a healthy delicious carrot cake! It has sweet potato in it for extra vitamin C, and I think that adds something really unique to the taste. This is one of my all time favorite Daily Harvest smoothies!

  • Cacao and Avocado

The cacao and avocado smoothie is one of the thicker ones that you can either keep as is or just add a little more milk or water to it. I personally like making it thick because it tastes like chocolate pudding!

  • Mint and Cacao

This one reminds me a little bit of mint chocolate chip milkshake, so yummy! Almost everything in this cup is organic, and one of its benefits is that it is very anti-inflammatory and good for drinking after a workout.

  • Strawberry and Peach

If you’re a fan of fruitier tasting smoothies, this one is definitely for you! It’s another one that’s on the lighter and thinner side consistency wise and with a really good sweet berry flavor.

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

Photo: Daily Harvest

Best Harvest Bowls

The harvest bowls are so cool because they’re literally a meal in a cup, and all you have to do is add a bit of your preferred liquid (I use vegetable stock to add a tiny bit of extra flavor, but you can also use water) and microwave them for a couple minutes before they’re ready to eat!

  • Broccoli and Cheeze

The first time I tried this bowl I was so shocked that it’s not real cheese sauce because it tastes exactly like it. I was the last person who would ever eat broccoli voluntarily UNTIL I tried this bowl because the sauce is just so good it’s like you’re not even eating veggies!

  • Brussels Sprouts and Tahini

This bowl is my FAVORITE thing Daily Harvest sells. It has so many vegetables so I really feel like I’m eating the healthiest meal ever, and remember I’m not a big veggie person so this also speaks to how good the tahini sauce is! I mix in a couple tablespoons of nutritional yeast and it adds even more flavor. SO good!

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

  • Cauliflower Rice and Pesto

The pesto in this is so good! Super healthy and filling bowl.

  • Chickpea and Za’atar

Such a good combination of flavors that really do give it a mediterranean kind of taste!

  • Red Lentil and Cumin

There are so many lentils in this bowl, so of course if you like lentils then you’ll love this! It’s great for protein and fiber.

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

Photo: Daily Harvest


Best Soups

  • Carrot and Coconut

This soup is so light but still really filling. The carrot and coconut combination is also super interesting and different!

  • Tomato and Zucchini Minestrone

This is like your classic minestrone soup but with chickpeas for extra protein! It has a delicious tomato flavor too.

Best Lattes

The cool thing about Daily Harvest lattes is that each cup comes with three little latte pods that contain the latte mixture, and you just dump it into a mug, add milk and heat it up! So basically each latte comes out to less than $3 which is wayyy cheaper than buying something similar at a coffee or matcha shop.

  • Chaga and Chocolate

This is like hot chocolate but suuuuuper healthy. It has reishi mushroom (don’t let that scare you, it does NOT have a mushroom flavor it literally just tastes like chocolate and reishi is a superfood adaptogen ingredient that is really good for you) and chaga mushroom as well! I always add a little touch of either maple syrup or agave sweetener to mine for a bit of extra sweetness.

  • Ginger and Turmeric

I always love the combination of ginger and turmeric because they are both great for your immune system and super anti-inflammatory! I also like adding maple syrup or agave to this one.

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals


Best Oat Bowls

  • Mulberry and Dragonfruit

This one is loaded with berries and as a result has tons of antioxidants. It’s perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth in a healthy way!

  • Pumpkin and Chai

The pumpkin mixed with cinnamon and various other spices in this oat bowl is such a good flavor, and the raisins add a little bit of sweetness!

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

Pictured above: Daily Harvest Hazelnut and Chocolate Bites


Placing Your First Order

When you are ready to place your first Daily Harvest order, there are a couple of options available. You can either order a box of their most loved best seller cups, or you can create a completely customized box and fill it with whatever you want! You can use my promo code “caitlin” to get a discount of $25 off your first order (this adds up to 3 FREE smoothies!)

daily harvest review vegan smoothies meals

If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, my best tip would be to set out a realistic plan for yourself in terms of how many smoothies and how many meals you see yourself making each week. For example, I personally do not drink smoothies every single day (click here to see what I eat in a full day as a vegan – Daily Harvest is usually a part of my typical day) but I do drink them pretty frequently at about 5 days out of every week. So I usually order five smoothies and then I’ll fill the remainder of my box with a mixture of some yummy harvest bowls, oats bowls if I’m in need of a couple quick breakfasts for the week, and other treats like lattes or their new “bites” (which taste like fudge by the way, sooo good!). So for me I usually get 9 cups a week, which means that I have a delicious and filling smoothie as part of my breakfast or even lunch five days a week, then I have the harvest bowl meals about three times a week and I tend to switch up the last cup that I get so I can try something new each week!


Daily Harvest Review: Summary

So to round everything up, I think Daily Harvest is an awesome service because they deliver high quality, healthy, and delicious smoothies, snacks and meals that can be prepared in literally 5 minutes or less. Just like with every other meal delivery service, you are paying a bit of a premium because you are valuing your time, and that’s the tradeoff – spending a little more saves you a LOT more time on meal prep.

I think if you want to invest in your health and are looking for ways to free up some more of your time, then this is definitely a great option for you!

Thank you for reading my full 2019 Daily Harvest review! I tried to go as in depth as possible so that you will be able to make the best decision and have the best possible experience with Daily Harvest like I have! If you’re ready to order, you can use my promo coupon code “caitlin” to get a $25 discount off your first order!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you. In fact, you will receive a discount from using my link. This also helps so much in keeping this site up and running and I truly appreciate your support!
Daily Harvest Review promo code coupon discount
Daily Harvest Review discount code