best vegan leather bags

Best Vegan Leather Bags for Summer

Read on to see my top choices for the best vegan leather bags for summer! Summer is right around the corner (yay!) and you guys know I love shopping for vegan leather bags! Side note: if you’re interested in seeing what I actually eat in a full day as a vegan, click here! Anyway, today’s […]

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Best Boots for Fall

Vegan Fall and Winter Boots

Over the knee boots and boots in general are always a huge trend for the colder months, but finding cute fall and winter boots that are actually affordable, high quality and vegan can be a challenge, so in today’s post I’m talking about the 10 best pairs of vegan boots for fall and winter that I’ve […]

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how to be a healthy vegan

How To Be A Healthy Vegan

If you’ve been considering switching to a plant based diet but aren’t 100% sure about how to be healthy as a vegan or what a full day’s worth of meals would look like, I’m partnering with* to bring you guys more information on this exact topic and how you can be a healthy vegan […]

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Valentine's gift guide

Valentine’s Gift Guide

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day and since I love looking at other people’s gift guides for every holiday I decided to put together a Valentine’s gift guide myself! This is the first gift guide I’ve created and whatever your plans are I think that I included options for everyone that you might be shopping for […]

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Delicious Vegan Fourth of July Desserts

The holiday weekend is officially upon us, so I wanted to put together a post with some of my favorite delicious vegan Fourth of July desserts! Anyone will enjoy these desserts whether they’re vegan or not – I’ve tried making all of these recipes personally and I can vouch for the fact that they’re all […]

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The Best Vegan Food in Miami

The Best Vegan Food in Miami Whether you’ve been planning a trip to Miami or you live there, maybe you’re looking to find some new restaurants where you can go for the best vegan food in the city? I decided to put this post together because I love creating vegan guides (like this one I did […]

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