Get invited to events

How To Get Invited To Blogger and Influencer Events

So as I’ve made my way in the blogging scene in LA, I’ve learned a few things over the years. I’ve been very lucky to be invited to some amazing parties, like this one that I recently attended with Pixi Beauty! I have also gotten the chance to attend New York Fashion Week five times now […]

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Coachella style

Coachella Style Inspiration

So festival season is here again, starting off with Coachella which is right around the corner! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Coachella style pieces that are perfect for summer concerts, festivals, etc from my top favorite brands. Over the course of the next few weeks I’m planning on doing a whole festival series […]

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NYFW AW18 Part 2

NYFW AW18 – Now onto the second half of my recent trip to New York Fashion Week – click here to see Part 1 of my trip, and click here to see my full guide on exactly how to get invited to NYFW as a blogger! The second half of the trip was filled with […]

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NYFW FW18 Part 1

NYFW FW18 – I’m heading home after another fun NYFW season once again feeling extremely grateful that I even got to attend in the first place. Working in and being caught up in the glamorous fashion industry, you come across a lot of people who act very entitled and love complaining about things like how […]

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Valentine's gift guide

Valentine’s Gift Guide

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day and since I love looking at other people’s gift guides for every holiday I decided to put together a Valentine’s gift guide myself! This is the first gift guide I’ve created and whatever your plans are I think that I included options for everyone that you might be shopping for […]

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dream Hollywood

Dream Hollywood

Over the weekend I went to the Dream Hollywood hotel with a couple friends to relax and have lunch at the Highlight Room, which is their rooftop area/restaurant. I love going to the Highlight Room and was there a lot during the summer when it was pool party season, but now that it’s January I […]

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