2018 Goals and Plans

2018 goals

With 2017 coming to an end, I sat down recently and wrote out all my 2018 goals and objectives, and some fun things I want to do too. 2017 was a big year for me in terms of growth and I really want to keep the momentum going for 2018. Some of my favorite moments this year were definitely during fashion month: click here to see my NYFW adventures, click here to see my favorite moments in London and Amsterdam, and click here to see my photo guide to Paris. I love reading other people’s goals and dreams for themselves so I thought I would put a 2018 goals post out into the world to help motivate and hopefully inspire others!

Here are some of my major 2018 goals and objectives organized by category:


  • Increase posts to 2-3 per week
  • Write more about what matters to me and things that can help people, like veganism and health and fitness
  • Spend less time on Instagram and work more on my blog and Pinterest

This year I’ve put too much of my focus on my Instagram and not enough on blogging. The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and so many people are cheating the system by buying followers/likes/comments and being rewarded for it, that I almost feel like it’s beyond my control at this point and the thing that I truly own 100% (my blog) is what deserves more of my attention. It’s almost like no one follows you because they truly enjoy your content anymore – so many people are doing it only to get you to follow back and then unfollowing a day later. If that’s the only way you can “succeed” then chances are you shouldn’t quit your day job because there are content creators who put so much work into creating a cohesive theme with beautiful images that deserve a million followers but just can’t get there because of the climate on Instagram.

That being said, the two posts a month I’ve been doing on my blog is going to be increased to two posts a week – and this will happen as soon as I let go of Instagram a little bit and change my priorities! I had to make this one of my 2018 goals because I love writing and blogging and I want to start writing more about why I went vegan after 12 years of being vegetarian, more planning and goal setting type posts, health and fitness, and of course more fashion and travel!


Health & Fitness

  • Start working out 5x a week again
  • Eat more whole plant foods instead of vegan donuts and [delicious] junk food
  • Get outside early and go for a morning walk

During the second half of this year I really fell off of my fitness bandwagon. I wrote this post earlier in the year about three of the things I try to do to stay happy and healthy, and I used to work out around 5x a week but got lazy and stopped doing it even though I love being active! So come the new year, I want to get back into going to classes 3-5 times a week through ClassPass. ClassPass is so fun because they’ve created a huge network of cute boutique studios and gyms throughout most major cities in the US, Canada, and even some places abroad that offer all kinds of classes, from boxing to ballet! If you click here and sign up through my link, you actually get $40 off your first month which is an awesome deal! I can’t wait to get back into tons of fitness in 2018!



  • Visit Dubai and other parts of Asia
  • Become much more proactive with packing

I was reviewing a bunch of stuff the other day and realized I spent over four months of 2017 traveling – this is a new personal record for me! I’m lucky enough to say I got to travel all around the US this year, I went to Canada several times, and Europe for fashion month in September. It was definitely hectic but I’m someone who loves always being out/away; I get really bored just sitting at home not doing anything. I would love to keep this up for 2018.

When I went to Europe I visited Paris, London and Amsterdam and I was completely alone which is crazy because I conquered a fear that most of us have of traveling by ourselves. I met people and made friends everywhere I went but when it came to packing up and moving by train or plane to the next place I was on on my own! This was big for me and I learned a lot and had to be really on the ball with everything.

I’ve also been talking about wanting to go to Dubai for a while now and I think 2018 will be the year I finally do it. I’ve seen so much of it on Instagram and I love how modern and advanced it is there, plus the palm trees and sunshine don’t hurt (although I do get tons of that living in LA). I think I’ve been scared to go because I’ve never been so far from home here on North American soil before and the culture and everything about it is so different from what I’m used to, but I’ll just have to push myself a little out of my comfort zone and do it!

Other places I would love to see would be Marrakech, Morocco, Positano, Italy, and Sydney, Australia! What are your top destinations you would love to visit in 2018?



  • Read more books this year
  • Find some motivational podcasts to listen to
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Keep up with my planner and using notebooks

With all of the time I spend working on my social media and outside of the house it can be hard to find the time to do more reading. This year I’m going to make the time because there are so many books and inspirational podcasts that I would love to dive into and I feel like now is the perfect time, right?!

I also need to start retraining my mind a little to think mostly positive thoughts. I’m pretty good about that right now but everyone could use some improvement in that area. If you think positive thoughts you’ll be surprised at the things that start to happen in your life!

So those are my 2018 goals and plans and I’ve already started to implement some of them. I’m looking forward to a great year and I wish the same for all of my amazing readers and Instagram followers! What are your 2018 goals? Tell me in the comments because I’m always interested to hear other people’s plans!