Finding Vegan Food in Miami

Finding Vegan Food in Miami

Whether you’ve been planning a trip to Miami or you live there, have you ever looked into where you can  go out to get vegan food in Miami? I decided to put this post together because I love doing vegan guides (like this one I did for finding vegan food at Disneyland) and because I was also recently in Miami and I had the chance to try these places myself. Check out my guide below on where to find the best vegan food in Miami!

Pura Vida Miami

Pura Vida is a juice and smoothie bar located in South Beach that also offers an awesome selection of vegan cakes and treats! While they’re not fully vegan, they’re extremely vegan friendly, serving everything from acai bowls to vegan banana bread to hummus! I’ve tried a few different things from their menu, and one of my favorites was their “Welcome to Miami” smoothie without the honey – it was so clean and refreshing on a hot day! I have a pretty big sweet tooth so I would also highly recommend their carrot cake! 🙂

vegan food in Miami

I had to sneak in this picture of an amazing art deco building not too far from Pura Vida:

vegan food in Miami

Plant Food + Wine Miami

I’m a big fan of Plant Food + Wine, and we have one in LA (it’s in Venice) so I was already familiar with their food to begin with. This is a really nice upscale place created by a chef named Matthew Kenney who makes food that is incredible both to eat and look at. Matthew focuses heavily on creating food as art and it really shows. The dishes at Plant Food + Wine look like something you would find in paradise or outer space or something, check out the photos below! And, if you’re interested in recreating these beautiful dishes at home, the chef published a cookbook with some of his most popular recipes included – scroll to the bottom of this post to check it out on Amazon, along with some other amazing vegan cookbooks!

vegan food in Miamivegan food in Miamivegan food in Miami

Images sourced from: Matthew Kenney Cuisine

Bunnie Cakes

Since this guide to finding vegan food in Miami wouldn’t be complete without some treats, Bunnie Cakes is a 100% vegan bakery near the Wynwood Arts District. It’s a very cute shop as you can probably imagine from the name – the store is painted pink on the outside! They’re famous for their custom made cakes, but if you visit their store they always have cupcakes and other sweet things like cinnamon buns and cookies available for purchase. The cakes they make look incredible too, can you believe this unicorn cake below?!

vegan food in Miamivegan food in Miamivegan food in Miami
Images sourced from: Bunnie Cakes

Full Bloom

This is a reservation only restaurant located in Miami Beach, and it’s also pretty upscale. The restaurant itself is beautiful, and this is one of those places where everything you try is delicious. I would make reservations with them at least two weeks in advance, because not only is the food great but the view from their patio is insane:

vegan food in Miamivegan food in Miami

Images sourced from: Urban Daddy

vegan food in Miami

Image source: Full Bloom Vegan

Thanks for reading my guide on finding vegan food in Miami! Have you been to any of these places?

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