NYFW Day 1: Roumel 6 Presentation

So, for the past week I have been in New York attending my first season of NYFW. I totally underestimated how busy it would be and didn’t have time before I left LA to schedule posts, which is something that I will definitely improve on going forward! Anyway, today I wanted to post about NYFW Day 1 and the first show I went to, Roumel 6. This was a presentation that came a day early on February 8th (fashion week officially started on Thursday February 9th) and it was my first event of the trip. I had a chance to talk to the designer, Denitza Skorcheva, and we got to talking about locally made clothing. I’m a big supporter of ethical companies that don’t use sweatshops, child labor, or otherwise exploit their workers, and her line is ethically made 100% in New York City. You can just tell from looking at her designs that they’re all very high quality and will last forever!

To showcase her line, I’ll be using my own photos interspersed with photos from the Roumel 6 website.

This beautiful burnt orange dress was my favorite piece from her new collection. I loved the off the shoulder effect and the strap detailing:

NYFW Day 1NYFW Day 1

Isn’t this dress gorgeous?!

Photo Credit: Roumel 6

NYFW Day 1NYFW Day 1NYFW Day 1NYFW Day 1

The Roumel 6 presentation on NYFW Day 1 was held at a cute studio in Chelsea, so when I finished the event I did some exploring in the neighborhood and ended up walking the High Line to Chelsea Market! I love the High Line; it’s so trendy and they always have the coolest art installations there. I’ll do a separate post for all of the non work related things I did while in NYC. But I had such a fun time viewing the Roumel 6 presentation, and I hope you like the pictures!

What do you guys think of the FW17 Roumel 6 collection? You can view the entire line by clicking here.