What I’m Packing for NYFW

February is here and if you work in fashion, you know what that means – NYFW is just around the corner! I leave for New York in four days and I wanted to share what I’ll be packing for NYFW.

PS. I’ll definitely be packing the items from my January Favorites list!

Travel Size Beauty Products

Every time I tell myself I’m going to ‘pack light’, I end up having a huge suitcase filled with stuff AND an overflowing carry-on bag AND a big purse! So, in the interest of saving space, I’ll be packing mostly travel size makeup products. To see what exact products I bring with me while traveling, check out my travel beauty essentials post! The goal is that my shampoo and conditioner, makeup, and skincare products will be able to fit into two small bags (liquids + everything else).

packing for NYFW


For me, I prefer to write events down in my planner rather than using the calendar in my phone. The reason for this is that I can easily get distracted by Instagram and risk totally missing something that I had in my phone’s calendar! But, if I have something written down, I am more likely to internalize and remember it. I try to stay on top of writing in my planner and always keeping it current so that it stays the best resource I have to track what I have going on every week.

iPad and Computer

I have to admit, I am addicted to my electronics. I take my iPad and Mac with me basically everywhere I go. In addition to going to shows and parties you’re still going to need to send emails and work on your blog, so it’s smart to have your bigger devices with you instead of trying to do everything on your phone. I’ve tried to do all of my work on my phone before and it didn’t really work out!


If you’re going to be attending more than a couple shows per day, it’s a good idea to pack light snacks, because you’ll think you’ll have time to eat somewhere between shows but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you don’t plan ahead and bring healthy snacks with you every day, you’ll probably end up eating filling but unhealthy food on the go because you won’t have any other choice. This is why I’ll be taking Clif bars, fruit, and other little vegan snacks in my bag everywhere I go. It’s so important to eat to maintain your energy, and since you’ll be on the go a LOT you’ll need all the energy you can get.

packing for NYFW

Warm Coats

Considering the winter weather in NYC, I think it’s smart to have at least two if not three big jackets. This way you can keep warm while still switching up your outfits each day. If you can wear one of your jackets on the plane, it’ll make packing for NYFW easier since you’ll save a good amount of space by doing that.

Comfortable shoes

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you’re mixing up sightseeing and going to shows, you’ll definitely want to pack some flats or comfy shoes and take them with you for when you’re out and have to walk somewhere or catch an Uber. I have a little drawstring bag to put my shoes in so that they don’t get the inside of my purse dirty.

Fashion GPS Radar App

This isn’t really something I’ll be packing, but something I made sure to set up before fashion week starts. Fashion GPS is an invitation only app where you can RSVP yes or no to all of the shows you’re invited to depending on if the brand or PR agency that invited you is also using the app (a lot of designers DO use it). If you work in the industry you can apply for an invite to the app. I just got it and I’m already loving it!

Large purse

This one is so important because unless you plan on constantly going back and forth between your hotel and everywhere else during the day, you’ll need a bag that has enough space for you to pack your comfy shoes and possibly even a change of clothes if you want a more casual outfit when you’re done watching shows for the day.

Phone Power Bank

Since you’ll be taking tons of pictures during NYFW + texting people + using social media + making phone calls, this is an essential. I plan on bringing my phone charger with me as well as my power bank so that I can use my charger wherever possible and save the power bank for when I really need it.

So that’s what I’m packing for NYFW! If you’re going to NYFW too, let me know and leave me a comment! And, if you’ll be there, what are you planning on packing for NYFW?