Easy Banana Ice Cream Recipe

banana ice cream
banana ice cream

Today I wanted to share my formula for making the perfect banana ice cream. If you’ve never heard of it, search for the hashtag #nicecream on Instagram to know what I’m talking about! It’s also referred to as a smoothie bowl when there are toppings on it. Once you learn how to make it, you’ll honestly think it tastes exactly like ice cream, except it’s 100% healthy, light, AND dairy free. I eat this stuff for breakfast literally every day and since it consists of nothing but fruit and a little bit of almond milk it is one of the healthiest things you could eat! You can expand upon the two ingredient recipe below and make all kinds of different flavors with this base, like chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, mango, strawberry, etc!

All you need for one serving of plain banana ice cream is:

A blender

4 regular size bananas

Half a cup of your favorite unsweetened or vanilla plant milk (unsweetened almond milk is what I use)

Optional but highly recommended:

Any other frozen or fresh fruit if you want to make a fruit flavor other than banana. The basic banana ice cream is still really delicious, but I find adding berries or mango makes it AMAZING. Or, you can buy low fat peanut butter like PB2 powder and mix that in for a peanut butter flavor. I personally buy packages of cacao powder from Whole Foods from the brand Navitas Naturals and I put in about two and a half tablespoons per five bananas – this makes it taste EXACTLY like chocolate soft serve ice cream and the powder is entirely sugar free!

  1. Start by un-peeling four regular size bananas and then cut them up into pieces. Then put the pieces in a plastic storage container and freeze them for 5+ hours or overnight.
  2. Once the bananas are frozen, take your half cup of plant milk and put it into the blender FIRST. If you froze the bananas overnight, you’ll want to leave them out to defrost for 15-20 minutes. This will make it easier on the blender, but you don’t want to thaw them too much to the point where they start to get mushy. It’s all about achieving the perfect consistency which you’ll learn after you’ve made this a few times!
  3. Take a fork and start to pick apart the bananas. Take a couple small chunks at a time and put them in with the milk, then start blending. If you find that you need more milk, add it in a little at a time. The key is to not make it soupy because you don’t want your toppings to sink.
  4. As the blender works its magic, add more and more banana chunks in until you’ve blended them all. When you’re done, it should have the consistency of soft serve ice cream and look like this:


banana ice cream


Here’s an example of strawberry ice cream. I just take a handful of frozen strawberries and add them in two a time so the blender doesn’t have to work too hard:


banana ice cream

Then it comes out like this:

banana ice cream

And that’s it! Pretty soon you’ll be making bowls like these! The top one in the photo below gets that gorgeous blue coloring from the E3Live Blue Majik powder that I actually use at home and love because of its superfood status: