The Faux Fur Trend

Recently I’ve been doing some online window shopping, as most of us girls usually do, and I’ve been so excited to notice the faux fur trend that has been everywhere lately! The availability of beautiful and highly realistic faux fur products today is crazy and I think it’s a good sign of the times that the fashion industry is heading in this direction.

The jacket that I’m wearing in this post is the ‘Honey’ Faux Fur Collar Faux Leather Moto Jacket from Topshop; I got it during Nordstrom’s Cyber Monday sale last week and I could not be happier with it, since I’d also been looking for a good faux leather jacket for a while (the fact that it has the fur around the collar was an added bonus). I also found this jacket from Saks Off 5th that is cheaper but still looks amazing. Here are some pictures below of how I styled it, taken in Palisades Park in Santa Monica:

faux fur trendfaux fur trend

I know the old misconception still floats around that imitation leather isn’t as good in quality and doesn’t look as good, but I honestly have no idea where that came from. The process of creating “real” leather and fur products is a very ugly and gory one and I will support the faux leather/fur manufacturers as much as I can in order to encourage others to wear imitation products too. If I saw this jacket on someone else I would have no idea that it was vegan, which I think really illustrates the point that using animal by-products in fashion is unnecessary.

I believe that looking good shouldn’t come at the cost of an animal’s life. I know that the look of fur is beautiful and lots of people love wearing it, but that’s all the more reason to purchase faux products, because the more people who purchase faux fur, the better the innovation will get and the more realistic faux products will look in the future! 🙂