Lush Easter Collection!

Happy Easter everyone! I recently picked up some things from Lush’s new collection and thought I would post some photos and write a little bit about them. I was stoked to pick these up, especially because I completely missed out on their Valentine’s Day collection. Lush always goes crazy for holidays and I think these products are adorable! I got Bunch of Carrots, Hoppity Poppity, and The Immaculate Eggception. I’m a huge fan of Lush because of their vegan/cruelty free business model, and also because they use funny names :) The prices on these ranged from about $7 to $13 I believe, with the egg being the most expensive because it is humongous! They also had the egg in pink (but I prefer yellow). 

Check out these photos and let me know if you’ve tried any of Lush’s Easter products! Also, I love looking at holiday pictures, so if you have an Easter themed post let me know about it in the comments below :)


Santa Barbara Day Trip

So it’s spring break at UCLA. Finals went extremely well and now my mom is here visiting! She’s only been here for two days and we’ve already been having a blast spending time at some of our favorite spots in Southern California. Yesterday we took a road trip up to the central coast and took some photos in Santa Barbara for my first style post. We spent time in downtown SB on State Street, had lunch and then ice cream from McConnell’s, and went to take pictures of the historic courthouse. Here are some pictures and please excuse my funny poses :D

Santa Barbara Harbor  

Santa Barbara Harbor   

Santa Barbara Harbor 

Santa Barbara Harbor  

Santa Barbara Courthouse 

Outfit Details: Top | American Eagle   Jeans | Topshop   Bag | Steve Madden   Shoes | Local Santa Monica Boutique   Sunglasses | Chanel   Necklace | Forever 21   Kimono | Brandy Melville

Spring EOS Pack!

Spring EOS lip balmsSpring EOS lip balmsSpring EOS lip balms

Spring is here in a few days and I could not be more excited! I recently got my hands on this Limited Edition EOS lip balms pack which includes one permanent flavor (Strawberry Sorbet) and the purple Passion Fruit which I have been dying to find. EOS lip balms are some of my favorite lip products out there, A) because they’re so moisturizing and B) I find that the moisture is long lasting. I tend to exfoliate my lips with a scrub about three times a week, and I’ll apply a balm afterward to make sure they stay moisturized and smooth. My lips are chapped and so I need to keep product on them at all times, and these really are convenient to have and use. There’s also the fact that everyone loves how they look like little Easter eggs! :) I love both of the scents, and I got this pack for $7 at Target.

I’m planning on doing more product reviews, monthly favorites, daily makeup posts, and finally some outfit posts in the near future. Do you prefer short or longer content?

Fitness: Quick, Tasty, AND Healthy Snack!

Peanut Butter & Granola Apples

Happy Monday everyone :) This week is a big one for me what with final exams and projects coming due, but spring break is soooo close! Today I’m doing a post inspired by summer (and by the first photo above) about getting in shape and my favorite snack recently. All you need is an apple, about 4 large scoops of peanut butter that you spread onto the sliced apple using a spoon, and a bag of granola or oats that you can sprinkle on top of the peanut butter. The best things about this snack are that it’s so easy and fast to make, and the fact that it gives you fiber and protein but still tastes great. I am constantly surrounded by tempting unhealthy food, so I find that having a snack like this packed and with me when I’m out helps deter me from eating all the junk food I can within a two mile radius (especially because it’s so sweet). I just bought a cute new lunch bag which I’m using to encourage myself to pack food instead of buying cookies and chips (haha) so I just throw this in it and usually eat it in class or on my way to/from work.

Hope everyone has a great week! What healthy snacks do you take with you on the go?

Review: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash mascara Benefit Roller Lash mascara Benefit Roller Lash mascara Benefit Roller Lash mascara Spring Break is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited! My mom is coming to LA to visit and we have a ton of fun things planned for her time here. We’ve been getting 90 degree weather so there will be a lot of beach time going forward. I’m also really excited to be done with final exams and projects! Lots has been happening which is why I haven’t been able to post regularly. What has everyone in the blog world been up to? On to the review: Benefit Roller Lash mascara Price: $24 Pros:

  1. Great lengthening mascara
  2. Curved shape of the brush makes reaching the lashes in your inner corners extremely easy
  3. Lives up to its claims


  1. Can’t think of any!

Roller Lash is Benefit’s newest mascara. I bought it recently because I wanted to see if it lived up to all the hype it’s been getting and it did not let me down. I will say that I like ‘They’re Real’ mascara by Benefit a little bit better since I find it better for thickening, but Roller Lash is great for lengthening and for giving your lashes a cute spidery effect. It has a really smooth formula and doesn’t clump at all. The packaging is really nice as well. Benefit has a way of paying attention to all the details that just makes it so much more fun to buy their products versus buying drugstore or even shopping from other high end brands. I definitely recommend this mascara. Have you tried it?

How To Guide: Shopping MAC Limited Edition Collections

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If you’re reading this post, you’re probably well aware that MAC Cosmetics releases some super creative and unique limited edition collections several times a month. They’ve done partnerships with movies (I.e. MAC Cinderella collection that came out this past Thursday), TV shows (The Simpsons!), designers, and of course celebrities. You probably also know that these collections tend to sell out quickly and consistently. So, here are the best tips I have for getting the most out of MAC’s amazing LE collections!

1) Know When To Go

With the exception of online only collections, you can generally count on MAC to release new collections on a Thursday. Basically, going to a MAC store on the release day of a new collection drastically increases your chances of being able to find what you want!

2) Try To Get There Early

When I was an undergrad and usually had late morning and afternoon classes scheduled, I would get to the mall right when it opened if a collection was coming out that I was really excited about. If you don’t get to the store within an hour of it opening for the day, unfortunately a lot of the things you want will probably be sold out by the time you do get there. If you can’t get to MAC within that small time frame, call the store the night before the collection comes out and see if they can put some things on hold for you – sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t, it just depends on how popular the collection is and on the people who work at your local MAC store.

3) Do Your Research

If you hear about a new collection coming out that you know you’ll love, go online and do a search for it so that you know exactly what products MAC is releasing for it and you have an idea of shades and colours as well. You should get to the store knowing everything that the collection has and with a list of the things you want so that you’re not standing there wasting time trying to figure it out on the spot! It doesn’t matter what city you’re in, whenever MAC has a new collection out (in my experience anyway) there will usually be a small crowd of people trying to get to the tiny little display all at the same time.

4) If All Else Fails, Buy Online

If there is no way you can make it to MAC to shop a new collection, go ahead and shop on their website. They usually have some kind of free shipping promotion if you spend a certain amount, and when you’re shopping in store, quantities are extremely limited. The downside to this is that you’re not able to swatch and test products, but at least you can always look at photos on Beauty & Colour ;)

February Favorites: Makeup, Candles, etc

Even though February is a short month, I still feel like it just flew by – but I’m so excited that spring is here and I can start planning for summer! Life has been crazy with work, school, and I’m also looking into buying a new car. School has been going really well and I feel like I made a quick adjustment to grad school and to UCLA. About this post, I didn’t try out a ton of new things as far as beauty products last month, so these favorite things are mostly products that I’ve had and loved for a while :)

Nars compacts stacked together

Brand Favorite: NARS

Nars quality is just so good, and the packaging is my favorite :) They always have amazing colours, pigmentation, and formulas, which is why Nars is one of my all time favorite brands.

Lush Ultrabalm

Favorite Moisturizer: Lush Ultrabalm

There have been a lot of hot, dry days where I live over the past few months, so I need a moisturizer that is thick and even a little greasy. I wouldn’t recommend Ultrabalm for someone with oily skin, but it works really well for those of us with normal or dry skin types. This is formulated more for dryness on your body and feet; since it is so thick the only time I use it on my face is when I don’t have time to exfoliate.

Bath and Body Works candles

Favorite Candles: Bath & Body Works minis

These come in so many good scents and Bath & Body Works almost always has sales on them where you can get 3 for $5. I like keeping these in my bathroom because they’re so nice to light when I want to take a bath.

Other favorites: W Magazine, Chanel cosmetics, MAC MSFs

What were some of your favorite things for the month of February?

Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition LA

Recently I went to see the Series 2 exhibition by Louis Vuitton, which was held at a warehouse in Hollywood. The exhibit was completely free to the public and was being heavily advertised across LA so I really wanted to make sure I got to see it. It ran for about three weeks, but with work and school commitments, by the time I got around to going last Saturday it was already the second last day and as a result it was lined up out the door! I ended up waiting for a total of about 45 minutes before I got in, and it was definitely worth it. You started off by entering into a small dark room with holographs and images being projected onto walls (which was my favorite part!) and ended up walking around different rooms with TV screens showing how Louis Vuitton bags and accessories are made. There was sophisticated French music playing in the background and everything was so clean and well organized. By the very end I was given a poster and some promotional materials for it, which was a nice touch for them to add. It was for sure the best exhibition I’ve ever been to and I really hope that other fashion houses do something similar in LA this year!

Would you go see the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibition if it came to your city?










Disney x Sephora Collaboration

I first came across the Disney/Sephora collab when I was at Disneyland over a year ago – of all the Sephora locations in the world of course it’s only fitting that the Disneyland Sephora would carry this! The idea is that Sephora creates a unique makeup collection based on different Disney princesses, and I’m a huge Disney girl so naturally I’m hooked. The collab was called ‘Disney’s Reigning Beauties by Sephora’, and I believe it featured Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle collections. This palette is Cinderella themed and even though it was limited edition I wanted to do a post on it just because the colours are so pigmented and beautiful. I also tend to gravitate towards neutral eye makeup, so this is something new and out of my comfort zone. You can see the amazing colours and vivid pigmentation in the photos below.

If you really wanted, you could even find this palette through a private seller since there are so many Disney fans out there that collect these kinds of things!

Would you wear these kinds of colours as eye makeup?

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MAC Faux Lipstick Photos + Review

I’ve been buying MAC makeup for about eight or nine years now, so I have amassed quite a collection of lipsticks, powders, blushes, etc, and I feel as though I really know the brand. I recently bought a new lipstick in the colour “Faux” which I love and wanted to share with you guys. Faux is a satin finish purple toned nude lipstick and I have actually been looking for a colour like this for a while now, so when I found it of course I was excited to buy it! I’ve worn it a couple times now and got several compliments which of course is always nice.

One reason why I love MAC lipsticks is because the formula is so smooth and creamy. It’s also extremely long lasting. Satin is probably my favourite finish of all the ones that MAC sells for those reasons. This shade definitely gets a thumbs up from me and I would say wear it if you have a pale to medium skin tone as it’ll look best with those complexions.

P.S. My number one tip for wearing lipstick is to exfoliate your lips before applying :)